Core Values and Objectives

Core Values

Focus to integrity. We see to it that we say what we mean and mean what we say.

Integrity to commitment. We are truthful in saying that we have fervent and unwavering desire to achieve our goal.

Commitment to service. We have ardent and steadfast efforts in carrying out timely help and support to people who needs them most.

Genuine Service to Humanity.
We put our hearts and minds in aiding people to improve the quality of their lives physically, intellectually, psychologically, emotionally and, most of all, spiritually.


    To ensure that services are well delivered to client’s satisfaction through quality operations.

    To ensure that the conduct of all the company tasks will constantly be in line to the highest ethical standards and guided by respect to the law, rules and regulations of the nation.

    To be a moral corporate citizen who contributes positively to its employees and the community.