UNTV Anniversary Specials

BMPI was tapped to manage UNTV’s 2nd year anniversary program event on July 30, 2006. The works handled by BMPI encompass campaigns, promotions up to the execution of the event plan and production. The challenge for BMPI, aside from making sure that it successfully and smoothly organizes its first major event, was to make the event a monumental, first-of-its-kind global breakthrough using the very latest facilities of technology, competent marketing and superb broadcast production that will be simulcast on TV and the internet.

After consultation and planning, BMPI unveiled that the event should carry the call-to-action theme of HUGE or Height of UNTV’s Global Event. UNTV management approved of the project and BMPI initiated its master plan for this exciting celebration. This event was also the first time that UNTV was able to showcase its full force of home grown talents in a live programming simultaneously aired from its home studio, at the HUGE venue in Marikina City, could be watched from different countries via the Internet that has truly banged and shaken the nation.

With this project, the BMPI aided UNTV to concentrate on its priorities for this anniversary special: Public Service. UNTV instead facilitated the giving of free medical, dental and legal services as token of gratitude to its avid viewers and the general public who had been loyal and supportive of the UNTV foray into the mainstream TV broadcasting.