BMPI Business Center

BMPI Business Center, a classy, state-of-the-art business center, complete with various amenities and services located in one of the major commercial and business districts in the country, was opened in October 2009 to accommodate business enterprises such as outsourcing company start-ups who want to establish a good impression with their foreign-based clients who may one day visit their business partners in the country.

Located at Prestige Tower in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, the BMPI Business Center is touted to help small, struggling companies who want to impress clients and customers just when they feel the need.  BMPI believes that leasing an office space, particularly in the country’s business centers, is really quite expensive, considering the advance and deposit payments required before occupancy.

The BMPI Business Center however is not only affordable, but also delivers top-notch services. It prides its vibrant-looking and fully-furnished space, packed with complete amenities and equipment.

As additional premium services, the Business Center provides secretarial and administrative support plus postage and courier services, and housekeeping and dry cleaning services, which perfectly match the business needs of any company seeking an ideal office space in Manila.

Among the many companies that have occupied BMPI Business Center on several ocassions include Kapians Ventures Inc., PSB Travel Agency, AVU Insurance, Morong Star Beach Resort, Sports  Basic Apparel, DSR Printing & DSR Multimedia Productions and, Tintero Art & Design Studio.