Kapians Ventures Inc.

KAPIANS VENTURES INC. (KVI),  established on September 6, 2005, is engaged in the supply, trading, marketing and distribution of consumer chemical products, personal care products, household goods, petrochemical products, electronic goods, other general merchandise and garments manufacturing.

KVI’s strength is anchored on the long-term multi-disciplinary experiences of its key personnel.

KVI’s commitment provides a wide spectrum of services along the lines of large scale supply, trading, marketing and distribution of consumer goods which bears the mark of resourcefulness, integrity, practicality, professionalism and responsiveness to market’s needs.

Mission and Vision

– To be a recognized leading global supplier of basic commodities and consumer products

– To consistently deliver to consumers quality products at affordable prizes

– To create income, job opportunities and support the less fortunate

Distribution Management Service
The entry of new and exciting brands in the Philippine market has fueled the growth of KVI in the Luzon Regions. KVI is currently introducing these brands in the market and initial reception to these brands is strong and positive.

KVI has been successful in rolling out new brands in the market and poised to lead the way for other successful brands.

KVI currently prepares the roll out of more brands in the following product categories.

Consumer Food Group

– Condiments (Cane vinegar, Soy sauce, Fish sauce)

– Wild Berry Cider Herbit

– Strawberry Cider Herbit

– Medicinal Cider Herbit

– Red C-Juice

– Basic Commodities (rice)

Non-Consumer Food Group

– Household products (detergent powder, dishwashing liquid, bleaching agent, shampoo, toothpaste)

– Body Detox Machine

– Ointments

The distribution of KVI is not only limited to physical selling out products to the various trade account both large and small but to ensure the effective penetration and acceptance of the products in the market.

Distribution Operations Network

KVI’s distributions composed of internal and external market that operates in two different areas. Key distribution operations as well as marketing activities and information are managed by the low defined markets. Today, KVI operates from the different regions in Luzon and penetrating in Visayas and Mindanao regions.

– Greater Metro Manila area

– Bicol region

– Cavite

– Laguna

– Batangas

– Baguio

– Pampanga

– Iloilo

– Bacolod

– Cebu

– Davao

KVI is comprised of a complete team of marketing and distribution personnel’s composed of Sales and Marketing Officer, Warehouse manager, Warehouse Staff, Store Coordinators, Van Salesmen that extend the reach of KVI deep into the inner barangays and provincial towns.