Morong Beach Resort

Situated in Panibatuhan, Morong, Bataan, the Morong Beach Resort is the place to be in Bataan for a wholesome summer getaway. With family-friendly amenities and activities and a downright hospitable staff, Morong is a certain site for any sore soul yearning for fun and excitement.

Awesome Amenities
From limpid pools lined with lush greens to the radiation-releasing saltwater, it’s no wonder why many escape to Morong for a wholesome and health-promoting holiday. And just in case the pressures of life find their way there, a comforting conference room is ready for an unconventional but effective blend of business and pleasure.

Speaking of merry mixtures, satisfy your senses simultaneously as you dine in inspiration in our restaurant by the sea.

Family-Friendly Facilities
Make precious time with your family and friends even more meaningful with an amiable list of activities safe for everyone to enjoy.

  • Boat-riding, snorkeling
  • Basketball, beach volleyball
  • Table tennis, billiards
  • Karaoke
  • And more

As part of our commitment in keeping our place family-friendly, we do not sell cigarettes and liquors. We do, however, allow guests to bring in their own for a small corkage.

Rooms of Relaxation
Whether it’s the friendliness of an air conditioner or the coziness of a sea breeze that calms the tropical temperature, our rooms are readied to send any sore soul to real relaxation.

Each room also comes with the scent of aromatic oils to soothe and satiate your senses for a more pleasant and pleasurable stay.

We don’t charge extra, by the way, if you want a room with a refreshing view of the sea. Just reserve it, and its yours for no additional cost.

Sundry Shades
The Picnic Table, the Nipa Hut, the Pavilion,  the Gazebo — sundry and swell are the ways to shy away from the sun while getting cooled by the sea breeze at the resort.

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