Sports Basic


Sports Basic produces high quality customized apparel and corporate give-aways, which we custom-design to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.  The company specializes in creating fashionable yet cost-friendly sports apparel and gear.


To be the leading producer of cost-effective and quality custom-tailored sports apparel and gear and corporate giveaways in a highly-competitive market

To set trends in its line of business, first by introducing a one-of-a-kind mobile boutique. This mobile boutique is a traveling store that houses all its products, with routes across metropolitan cities and provincial cities to reach its customers


To introduce the new face of customized apparels, sports wear and gear, and corporate giveaways made on high quality materials and  standards.  It is also part of our aim to make sure our products belong among the list of top fashion line for all consumer levels.


General Apparel
All apparel lines like T-shirts, polo shirts and statement shirts

Customized T-Shirts
T-Shirts customized specifically for different events

Customized Sports Gear
Various sports gear and equipment designed specifically for different events

General Sports Merchandise
Merchandising of different sports gear and equipment